Finding your business niche: and what to do about it

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Figuring out your niche is tricky and is actually something that usually continues to evolve as your business evolves.

But once you’ve figured out who your niche is, what’s the next step?

There are two things that are super important to do once you’ve figured out your niche.

The first thing is to build a buyer persona.

You want to be able to answer the absolute ins and outs of that person in your buyer persona.

Apart from general demographic info, you need to be able to answer these questions…

✨ What personal characteristics does this person have? 

✨ What are their interests and hobbies?

✨ What is their education level?

✨ What will motivate this person to purchase your product/service?

✨ What will deter them from purchasing your product or service?

✨ What does this person do when on social media? 

✨ What is their purpose of going onto social media platforms?

✨ What challenges and concerns do they have?

✨ Particularly in relation to what your product or service offers as a solution.  

✨ What content do they most enjoy – informative, entertainment, inspirational, etc? (pro tip this depends largely on their social media habits like which platforms they’re on and what they’re looking for etc)

✨ What deters them from content that they see online?

✨ What content types do they most enjoy? (video, image, etc) 

My advice is make sure you’re on top of those questions when you build your content strategy.

The other thing that’s super important to do once you’ve found your niche is to map out their buyer process.

You can see the beginnings of this in the above dot points.. but essentially your ideal client has a process they go through that gets them to the final point of buying.

All buyers start from cold, warm up, then become hot and in this day-and-age every business needs to take their buyers the next step which is to become brand advocates.

Map out your buyers journey and then figure out what attracts them and repels them at each step in the journey. 

Once you’ve done this you’ll have a really clear picture of how you can help them along that journey.

How well do you know your niche? Drop a comment below or reach out on my email to see if I can help you nail your niche.


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