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you already know this

Your message needs to be amplified in a crowded digital space

But you’re not sure where to start. And honestly, you just haven’t got the time to try out endless marketing tactics and social media trends.

The internet is a noisy and confusing space, full of contradictory voices and cheap marketing tactics.

And that’s just not what you’re about.

You want your digital marketing to cut through the noise and truly reflect the value you offer your clients.

Imagine what could happen for your business if you put your digital marketing in the hands of an ethically minded, purpose driven marketing agency.

Dellar Media specialises in creating compelling content that is purposeful, intentional, and measurable.

Dellar Media specialises in creating compelling content that is purposeful, intentional and measurable

Strategic and ethical content that actually gets results.

Wouldn't that be nice?

Here's how we help your business grow

We create and execute powerful digital marketing strategies for service-based businesses who want to help create positive impact. That can be within their business, or for positive global impact.

Our Services

Social Media Management

Get seen. Social media management that showcases your value, grows your audience, fills your pipeline, and gives you back your precious time.

Facebook & Google Ads Management

Get robust ROI on your Facebook and Google ads. Position yourself as an expert in your industry. 100% cringe free ad creation.

Funnel Building

Gently guide your audience from curiosity to conversion with beautifully designed and effective sales funnels, and watch your revenue rise.

You want more people to know about your incredible service

But you’re not willing to compromise your values to make it happen.

You’re our kind of business owner.

We don't believe in adding more negativity, noise or nonsense to the internet.

Every piece of content we create must be purposeful, intentional, measurable and useful. We exist to lift up ethically-minded business owners and help them claim their seat at the table.

If you're passionate about people, planet and profit, we'd love to help you succeed.

Our story

Hi, I'm Kathryn Dellar

I’m Kathryn Dellar, the founder of Dellar Media

I’m a digital ethics academic, marketing professional, ex-film maker, wife, mum, and certified nature lover. Which gives me a unique view of the internet. 

My masters degree gave me a profound understanding of how the online machine works, and how powerful it can be in manipulating people.

While my time in film gave me the gift of storytelling, a fascination with human nature, and the ability to engage and compel and audience.  

But don’t worry. I choose to use my powers for good. 

I’m in my element helping ethical service-based businesses grow their online presence using story, proven marketing principals, and data backed strategy.

I am here to help you make a meaningful impact in the world, grow your business, and actually make money from your online presence. 

Kathryn Dellar, ethical digital marketing professional, leaning against a green shed holding a laptop
in the media

Kathryn writes and speaks on the topics of ethical digital marketing, and building sustainable purpose driven brands.

Here’s where to find her featured work..

Social media algorithms and human identity.

How Dellar Media applies big data principles to marketing strategy.

Presenting to not-for-profits and small business owners on leveraging digital marketing for growth.

The list of Kathryn’s professional film and TV projects.


What Clients Say About Our Services

Kat gets to know you, your business and your dreams and vision. Then she returns with a set of content that you can't tell is written by someone else!!!
Shirin Danesh wearing white collar shirt
Business Agility Coach
Online coaching program
Kat and the Dellar Media team have been with us since the beginning and helped guide us through a long and winding process I never knew existed. The articles We have written and the content the team have produced were simply amazing. Can’t recommend them enough . Thank you Kat and team DM.
Logo Datamaster OGM
Resources Sector
Brand, website, content
I'm so happy with how all of the automation is progressing. Anything that can remove the amount of micromanagement I have is an amazing thing. Keep being extreme!
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Training & Education
Sales funnel & automation
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