Our Core Values are: Service, Ethics, Measurability

our philosophy

We’re always looking at our client’s return on investment. If a strategy isn’t going to give return on your investment, we will give you an alternative. 

Yes, there’s testing in all elements of digital marketing, but we want results. We’ll never suggest something unless we are sure it is the right fit for your business needs.

Dellar Media Digital Marketing
Dellar Media Digital Marketing

Data-led digital marketing strategy is how you get more bang for your marketing buck.


Kathryn Dellar - Director

The key to a strong digital presence is how well you tell your brand’s story. This is Kathryn Dellar’s specialty. 

A writer and filmmaker for more than 15 years, Kathryn is highly skilled at knowing how to tell a story with your brand. Her fascination with internet algorithms and human behaviour led her to complete her Master’s in Internet Communications in 2018, and she has since continued her academic research on how internet algorithms impact the human condition. 

Kathryn founded Dellar Media after working in the field for 6 years and realising her dedication to ethics and the impact that social media has on the human condition would be best channelled in the digital marketing space. She built the company to offer an outsourcing service that gives clients access to a complete marketing team that is laser focused on using your digital presence for compelling content marketing and business growth. 

Kathryn and her team deliver exceptional service to clients using the latest technology and data solutions that give you the competitive edge you’re looking for. 

Kathryn Dellar
Kathryn Dellar M.A. (Internet Coms)., B.A. (Writing), G.C. (Design).
Emma Dellar - Digital Scientist

Emma Dellar - Data Scientist

Emma is a data scientist who’s been practicing in her field for over 10 years. She is a leader in her industry and continues to create new trends in the practice of data science. 

As a data scientist, Emma uniquely positions Dellar Media to have the capacity to interpret social media algorithms and thoroughly understand the success of a digital strategy. Emma brings an ability to create analytical investigation and data visualisation completely unique to our agency.

This is why our business practice hinges upon results, integrity and quality. We ensure our work is measurable, of the highest quality and that our business practices are always built on integrity and trust.


What Clients Say About Our Services

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"It’s incredible the way that she is able to connect with your audience”
Denae Brown
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"With Kate’s help, I’ve been able to build up my own business as well as take on a second business that I’m really excited about building over the next few months"
Scott Collins