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Social Media Management

Captivating, value-adding content that gets attention (for all the right reasons)

Web Content & SEO

Optimise your website with the right keywords on every page. Build your authority in your field with with interesting articles that provide insight to what makes you unique and a leader in your field.

Email Marketing

Know your audience, write great content and assess your results. Email marketing isn’t a set-and-forget process. We help you figure out what your niche really wants to know and then we create content just for them.

Paid Advertising

Paid ads are all about strong return on investment. If you’re going to pay Google and FB, you better see some benefit too! Set your goals and then let a paid ads strategy punch a hole in the algorithm. We set up, monitor and maintain your ads on Google, Facebook or Instagram. 

Lead Funnels

Don’t waste marketing dollars on a funnel that won’t work. There is a specific formula that will impact the success of a lead funnel. Our lead funnel formula blows our clients away every day. Set your target, optimise your funnel, execute, refine, perfect.


Ever read your analytics and thought – cool… but what does it mean? One-size-fits-all analytics will never give you an edge. We use data science to analyse our client’s data. Our powerful data mapping will show you exactly where to put your marketing budget.

Social Media management

Captivating, value-adding content that gets attention (for all the right reasons)

Social media is a hungry beast.

It demands a never-ending stream of content fed to it week after week.

And while you know it’s vital for your business to post regularly, you find it next to impossible to plan, create, post and monitor the volume of quality content required.

And even after you do put the time, effort and energy into planning, creating and scheduling your content, you don’t actually know what’s working or why.

You want to spend your time taking care of your clients, not hunting down the perfect hashtags for your insta reel.

We totally get it.

That's where Dellar Media comes in.

We specialise in creating captivating, scroll stopping content that speaks directly to your ideal customer.

We’ll take care of your social media presence, whilst you get back to doing what you do best.

Social media management packages

Your business is unique, so a cookie cutter social strategy just won’t do.

We’ll design a bespoke social media strategy that matches your values, your ideal client, and your business goals.

We specialise in Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn, but we won’t waste your time putting you on platforms that won’t work for you.

Our social media management packages include

✅An in-depth brand and industry evaluation, so that we can craft the perfect strategy to reach your goals
✅A bespoke social media marketing strategy and campaign plan
✅Content planning and research
✅Creative direction and graphic design, so your brand looks cohesive and visually stunning across all platforms
✅Professional copywriting for all written content, so that your value, authority, and brand personality are showcased clearly and confidently
✅Reel creation
✅ Hashtag strategy
✅ A consistent cadence of social media posts across all platforms
✅ Scheduling and social media calendar management
✅ Community outreach and interaction (this will super charge your growth)
✅ Prospect outreach and lead management to ensure your socials presence is bringing in sales
✅ Data and analytics evaluation, to ensure we’re executing a winning strategy

Social media management starts at $1,600 per month.

Jump on a discovery call to get a tailored social media management quote.

Email, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Linkedin. 

Robust social media needs a strategic approach to your content.

Social and email content needs to be beautiful, interesting and engaging. So many brands don’t know how to use their social media properly. Our talented designers and copywriters will create scroll-stopping content for your brand.

We want your ideal client to stop and take notice.

Our team will manage your account, reach out to prospects, and grow your community. 

✅ B2B | B2C

✅ Small & Medium enterprise

✅ Facebook Business Suite

✅ Linkedin Sales Nav

✅ Pinterest growth strategy

✅ Hashtag strategy

✅ Campaign strategy

✅ Community management

✅ Prospect outreach

✅ Instagram organic growth

✅ Long and short form content copy

✅ Reels | Stories | Carousels | Videos | Posts

✅ Facebook Group management

✅ Instagram community management

We have the tools, and we know how to use them.

Contact us today for a custom built social media management package designed to fit your business needs.


Authority building articles and SEO that attracts

Google has made it pretty clear their interest is in websites creating people first content rather than content built for search engines.

Every web builder is scrambling for that first page placement. It’s a competitive world out there!

That’s why we pair SEO with our web content. It’s not just about the keywords, people first content is created with your ideal client in mind. 

We want to tap into their deepest questions, and secret desires. 

Then, we craft web articles for your website so that your ideal client realises, you’re the only one to help them.

One of our clients once said to us, “A customer just called me up and said, after they had a look through our website, and our social media, they decided to call us because we were the only ones who knew what we were talking about.”

That’s our aim.

To create web content, paired with SEO, that helps your people find you, and so that you stand out above the rest.

✅ B2B | B2C

✅ Small & Medium enterprise

✅ Relevant, interesting and value adding web articles

✅ Reputable backlink building

✅ Keyword research

✅ Website SEO improvement and monitoring

Contact us to for an SEO and web content package custom built to suit your business goals.

lead funnels & crm

Customers crying for help can be captured in your crafted CRM

Did you know that managing CRM is a specialised skill that requires keen understanding of analytics and customer journey?

We have a lot of fun building, monitoring, managing, perfecting and executing a well-built CRM.

A beautifully built CRM is all about end-to-end lead generation and management.

We did a LOT of research into the best CRM providers out there and there are simply none that can beat Active Campaign on usability, price and service.

✅ B2B | B2C

✅ Small & Medium enterprise

✅ Get more leads with a strategically built CRM

✅ Nurture leads properly within the CRM

✅ Create more opportunities in your CRM

✅ Learn how a CRM can take your analytics to the next level

✅ Build relationships on autopilot

✅ Continuous improvement and fast response to internet, and privacy, updates

Active Campaign partnership

Contact us today to discover how our CRM strategy can completely transform your sales process.

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Email Marketing

Eloquent and engaging emails to entice

Your email list is one of your most powerful digital assets. But nurturing an email list isn’t simply about sending out whatever comes to mind. You need to apply strategy as well.

We will plan and execute your email campaigns based on your business goals and sales campaigns.

✅ B2B | B2C

✅ Small & Medium enterprise

✅ Regular newsletters

✅ Nurturing email campaigns

✅ Email tracking and reporting

✅ Real-time response to email opens

✅ Best, and latest, practice for strategic email content, design and strategy

Contact us today to discuss how our email campaigns can help grow your business.

Paid Advertising

Paid ads proven to penetrate the pack

The smallest update on Facebook and Google can have a massive impact on your ads results.

The trick to excellent ads management is having your finger on the pulse with exactly what’s happening on the internet.

We’ve got great relationships and resources on google and facebook to make sure we’re ready to adjust your ads when the technology is changing.

Ads management doesn’t have to create anxiety. Let us take care of it for you.

✅ B2B | B2C

✅ Small & Medium enterprise

✅ Google tag manager

✅ Google analytics

✅ Google ads

✅ Facebook ads

✅ Instagram ads

✅ Pinterst ads

✅ Linkedin ads

Contact us today to find out how our ads management service will bring on the rain of leads you’re looking for.


Anxiety-free Analytics Analysis

Our analytics analysis is second to none. You will be completely blown away when you see what we can do with your lead data.

We incorporate the latest data science capabilities with our data analysis. This is because we have a data scientist in the team. Absolutely NO agency can compete with us on our ability to analyse your lead data.

Our data visualisation and analysis can tell you…

✅ B2B | B2C

✅ Small & Medium enterprise

✅ Exactly where to put your marketing budget

✅ Identify new opportunities for revenue growth

✅ Accurate depiction of your customer journey

✅ Complete understanding of your customer pain points

✅ Accurate reflection of marketing campaign results across the business

✅ Early detection of where to pivot the business as trends arise

✅ Reviewing and visualise your leads data means you don’t even need a google algorithm to dominate the competition

Contact us for a 15-min demonstration of our data analysis and visualisation capabilities.

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