The Overwhelm

the overwhelm

These days our social media algorithms are getting smarter and smarter… we go onto our facebook profile and we’re suddenly bombarded with ads for products  we were THINKING of yesterday let alone considering to actively search for.

It’s very daunting because it often seems like these social media algorithms can predict our thoughts before they happen.

There’s actually some relatively simple reasons why this happens and – if you like – I can do a video explaining that one day (drop a ‘yes please’ in the comments if you want me to).

For now, though, I want to talk about the overwhelm that happens for coaches, small biz owners and startups.

We go online and we are bombarded with instant success stories or endless ads telling us that we need to do this ONE THING to help grow our business.

It’s exhausting.

My advice is this, when those ads or instant success stories hit you in the face be aware that they are there because someone has put in the time and effort first.

> either they figured out the right formula to bring in their ideal client (someone like you looking for answers, probably)

>they put in the hard yards to build their profile and business (that’s a 3 year journey)

>they got lucky

Okay one and two are likely, 3 not so much.

Social media is literally designed to make us feel inadequate so don’t sweat it if you’re getting imposter syndrome or feeling overwhelmed with endless advice and quick fixes.

There actually is no quick fix.

To get your business where you want to be set milestones, measure your results, keep your overheads in check and utilise the right resources to grow your business the right way.

When it gets to it, put the budget aside for a marketing person to take over the marketing for you.

You do what you’re good at – they do what they’re good at.

Win win.


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