You Created This Rut, and You Can Get Yourself Out of It

It’s really easy to get overwhelmed as a business owner. Our business is our life.

It’s like having a child. We have to nurture it, help it grow, and pay attention when it’s suffering. If we stop nurturing our business, it will suffer.

That’s a lot of responsibility to shoulder.

Our relationships can suffer too. 

We get stuck under the weight of raising a family, working, having a relationship, trying to socialise, and our often feeble attempts at prioritising our own wellness. 

If you feel like you are in a rut, you probably are. 

But, you dug it one decision at a time, and each decision you make now can help you break out.

Keep reading for a few quick tips from Dellar Media on behaviours you can change now, that will help keep your head above water and improve yourself from the inside out.

Give yourself space

Do you feel exhausted just looking at your to-do list?

The first thing to remember when you’re dealing with business – and life – is to give yourself space when you need it. What often happens is we get so inundated with our ‘to-do’ list that we end up paralised.

When you’re so overwhelmed that you don’t even know where to start – it’s time to take a step back.

You’re actually not going to accomplish anything when you’re paralised by stress. You can keep trying to get through the list but you’re only adding to the overwhelm. 

Stop. Do something that’s really rewarding for your mental and emotional health. Re-fill your cup. Re-charge. And then go back to that list when you’re relaxed.

Manage your relationships

Even when you’re stressed, you must remember to maintain the bond between you and your loved ones. But you have to make this a conscious decision every day. Sit down with your family, and talk about the things that made you happy and stressed throughout the day. Be intimate. Be vulnerable. Be real. Set goals together, and don’t be afraid to make changes if you are all in agreement that something has to give.

One practice is to ask each person around the table at night to talk about their favourite thing of the day. 

This can be literally anything. You’re nice comfy bed. An interesting animal you saw that day. Having dinner together. 

Together, you learn to pay attention to things that you’re grateful for every day. And talk about them as a family.

Get your house i n order

If you work, or run your business from home, and have a lot of stress each day, you might end up with too much negative energy in your home. The remedy: clean, reorganise, and rearrange.

Clearing, cleaning and reorganising your home is a great practical exercise that clears your mind as well.

Something as simple as opening the windows and removing excess trinkets from the bookshelves and tabletops will go a long way.

If you’ve been putting off a spring clean, deep clean or cupboard clear-out, now is the time to give it a go.


We know, you don’t have time. But, you have to make time for your physical health in order to manage your mental health

This doesn’t mean you have to go to the gym every day, but do make a point to get out from behind your desk and take a walk. 

The Mayo Clinic says this will help you lose weight, reduce your chances of developing diabetes, boost your energy levels, improve your sleep, and reduce tension.

There are too many benefits to just moving to ignore. So find a space in the calendar, and schedule that in until it becomes a habit you never want to skip.

Try a new recipe

What we eat directly impacts everything about us. If your current diet has you feeling sluggish and fatigued, it may be time for a change. You don’t have to eat a salad every day, there are plenty of healthy and delicious foods that won’t break your bank account.

If you’re worried about time, this is a great opportunity to outsource grocery shopping to a service or to your spouse or partner. Swap potatoes for sweet potatoes, cookies for fresh fruits, and sodas for homemade lemonade. This is your first steps toward eating well every day.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, you have to remember that nobody is coming to your rescue. 

If you’ve got yourself into a situation where your grind is stalling your mental health, it’s time to change the way you grind. 

Start by focusing on yourself, but don’t forget to nurture your relationships. Whether you go back to school, start a side business, or simply learn how to cook something new, the things you do today will put you in a position to see a brighter future for yourself tomorrow.


Guest Writer, Cameron Ward

BizWealthBuilder was created by Cameron Ward, an entrepreneur, MBA student, and math whiz. The website provides business budgeting and funding information. It helps business owners streamline their financial management through easy-to-implement processes and platforms so that they can stick to the business of running their business!


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