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Social media content

When it comes to creating our social media content we often get told to “add value” and avoid “adding to the noise” of the internet.

But what does that actually mean and how do we do that in a strategic way that also leads our ideal client to buying our product or service?

I will answer that question with a question… how well do you know your niche?

When I work with a client the first thing I do is assess just how well they know their niche.

You see, when we’re creating our content we tend to forget about what our ideal client actually wants to know.

What we do is we start writing about something we enjoy writing about, which is fantastic, but we forget that we want someone to actually read what we’ve written.

We forget to write in the way our ideal client speaks. Or we get caught up in “imposter syndrome” and second guess ourselves until we’re paralysed and don’t want to do the content at all.

This is why I create a simple matrix for my clients that’s always focused on bringing the message back to their ideal client.

I find that almost anything can be brought back to the ideal client as well. So when we are writing something and we think “how can I relate my ideal client’s desire to buy a house to tips on tax records?” Well it can be related… you just have to find the link.

And remember to put that link in the first sentence.

What you want to do is write out all the pains, goals, and fears of your ideal client. Have them handy and when you’re creating your content make sure that whatever you’re creating constantly goes back to something that genuinely connects with their deep, inner voice.

If your content does that – they’re the right niche for you.

And if you’re confident in your niche you’ll find this easy. If you’re not confident in your niche you’ll find this more difficult.

Either way, don’t give up. It’s an important exercise regardless of where you’re at with your niche because you’ll get to practice your messaging and even start to get direct feedback to figure out if you’re on the right track.

Give it a go today!

And if you want to get in touch with me directly to find out exactly how I do it send me a message… let’s get chatting!


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