Basic fundamental needs of humans – and why these need to be a part of your messaging


Do a quick google of basic human desires and you’ll come up with a plethora of possibilities. What you need is to keep it simple, and keep it very present in your marketing. Keep reading to find out why.

Alex Hormozi, world renowned offer creator, breaks down the fundamental human desires that make our species hand over our hard earned cash: health, wealth, relationship. Your offer needs to clearly attain a goal relating to health, wealth or relationships. Otherwise you’re always going to fall short.

We have to remember that, no matter what our offer is doing, our clients only care about reaching a certain status level that relates to their health, wealth or their relationships. So many coaches, consultants and business owners try to skirt around the actual thing someone will get when they pay for your service or product. The general public only cares about three things when they come across your content; ‘what problem do you solve?’, ‘how do you solve that problem?’, ‘will you solve that problem for me?’.

If you make it abundantly clear in your messaging what you solve and how you do it, people will be more likely to pay you for the privilege. Sometimes. Not always.

Keep it simple

Don’t overcomplicate the thing you do. If you’re lucky enough to have an audience, I guarantee they don’t have time to spend figuring out what your product or service is for. Start with being very specific about the goal you help your clients to achieve that relates to health, wealth or their relationships. If you pick one of those three options and get extremely clear you’re on your way.


Products or services that connect to health make humans stay alive longer, and in better condition. It’s literally that simple. Mental health, physical health, emotional health. You’re helping your clients stay alive for longer, and be in better condition while they’re doing it.

Any offer that’s connected to wealth is making people more money. Return on investment is very important for these types of offers. Don’t get caught up in the concept that wealth might be arbitrary ‘get more out of life’ – that’s health, not wealth. Wealth is connected to money – nothing else.

Products or services connected to relationships improve a customer’s relationship status. Finding a partner or making their current relationships healthier. If you’re in the beauty industry, your offer is often connected to relationships. When someone looks better they have a better chance of getting a partner. It’s a fundamental need of our species to have relationships – beauty products are intrinsically connected to this goal.

When your offer covers multiple human desires

Yes, many offers will cover multiple human desires. If you’re a gym owner, the person gets healthier, looks better, and gets a relationship. If you’re a relationship coach, your client gets the relationship they want because they deal with their emotional issues, then they get a relationship.

There is a hierarchy

In order to get your clients the results they are looking for there’s usually a high level goal they need to achieve first. Once they attain that thing they will get the secondary desires. For example, get rich suddenly people want to date you (whether that’s a good thing or not), suddenly you’re healthier because you have more money to hire a personal trainer. But you needed (and wanted) to get rich first.

As the person crafting the messaging around your offer start with the top of the hierarchy. Unpack how your offer helps your client or customer reach that goal. All the other desires they may attain are the result of that first goal and these are great aspects to cover in your messaging as well.

You’re in the business of helping people to achieve some extremely important things. If you’re not clear on the goal your client is going to achieve, how are they going to know you’re for them? And why would they give you their money? Short answer is, they wouldn’t.

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