Shadowbanning: What is it and what should you do about it?

Shadowbanning happens to hashtags, or accounts, on Instagram when someone does something dodgy using a hashtag. Usually triggered by the Instagram community reporting a hashtag or account. Accounts that use shadowbanned hashtags run the risk of getting their accounts shadowbanned. What is shadowbanning? Shadowbanning is also called stealth banning, ghost banning or comment ghosting.  Shadowbanning […]

You Created This Rut, and You Can Get Yourself Out of It

It’s really easy to get overwhelmed as a business owner. Our business is our life. It’s like having a child. We have to nurture it, help it grow, and pay attention when it’s suffering. If we stop nurturing our business, it will suffer. That’s a lot of responsibility to shoulder. Our relationships can suffer too.  […]

Adding admin roles to Facebook Pages, July 2022


Whoop, there it is! Facebook has made yet another massive rollout to their Facebook Page functionality. Adding page roles is a pretty big part of our day-to-day because … well, social media content is what we do. So, we decided to capture the process of adding a new admin role to Facebook Pages for anyone […]

Why data is the future of your business

Digital tablet showing data chart in meeting room

Data analytics allow users to take raw information and analyse it in such a way that it provides a roadmap to assessing how the metrics of a particular area of a business operates. Recognising how you can use these insights to inform your everyday work and business life can help you improve efficiency and increase […]

Adding value to social media

Social media content

When it comes to creating our social media content we often get told to “add value” and avoid “adding to the noise” of the internet. But what does that actually mean and how do we do that in a strategic way that also leads our ideal client to buying our product or service? I will […]

Finding your business niche: and what to do about it

Dellar Media Digital Marketing

Figuring out your niche is tricky and is actually something that usually continues to evolve as your business evolves. But once you’ve figured out who your niche is, what’s the next step? There are two things that are super important to do once you’ve figured out your niche. The first thing is to build a […]