Bee-lieving in yourself

Last month, I made a decision…

I decided to start believing in myself.

🐝 I did not expect it, but I quickly realised how hard it actually is to believe in myself. 🐝

I had been getting a tonne of feedback for so long from others about the work I was doing with my socials research and practice… helping clients.. building their platforms… and the depth of knowledge I have about all this stuff.

But that didn’t matter because I still didn’t believe it.

Any yet here I am telling my clients to believe in themselves and trust their intuition.

So I made the decision t believe in myself and slowly but surely I am coming out of my shell.

But it doesn’t change the reality of just how hard it is to believe in yourself.

So if you’re having that same problem I want you to know I hear you. And I’m here.

Just soak this in.
You can do it.
You got this.
I believe in me … and I believe in you

#believeinyourself #dellarmedia


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