The Overwhelm

the overwhelm

These days our social media algorithms are getting smarter and smarter… we go onto our facebook profile and we’re suddenly bombarded with ads for products  we were THINKING of yesterday let alone considering to actively search for. It’s very daunting because it often seems like these social media algorithms can predict our thoughts before they […]

Finding Your Calling

finding your calling

I remember feeling like I would never figure out what I want my business to look like and, yes, there were times when I wanted the throw in the towel completely.  Luckily I stuck with it – although it did take time for me to really analyse what I enjoyed doing, what I did right, […]

Finding your business niche: and what to do about it

Dellar Media Digital Marketing

Figuring out your niche is tricky and is actually something that usually continues to evolve as your business evolves. But once you’ve figured out who your niche is, what’s the next step? There are two things that are super important to do once you’ve figured out your niche. The first thing is to build a […]

Published videos (academic)

The below is a link to a video created for Curtin University discussing governance on the internet. You can find a link to the video here.

Online conference paper: In Zuckerberg we trust

In May 2017, Curtin University held an online conference discussing Social Networks and Community. My paper, in Zuckerberg we trust, was published as a part of the conference and discussed Facebook’s real-name policy and the implications on imposing single user identity on the internet. You can download a pdf of my paper here: InZuckerbergWeTrust. Or […]

Liberal, Labor and Greens unite for Marriage Equality

It is not often that we see members for Greens, Labor and Liberal all standing on a stage together with big smiles and a united message, but that is exactly what yesterday’s #wasaysyes event held by provided.

I’ve got a link! // Navigating hate speech online

I have had many conversations with people over the years about how to navigate hate speech online. Do we defend those being attacked? Or do we simply ‘dislike’ and ‘like’ to show our opinion. How effective is that?

Bee-lieving in yourself

Last month, I made a decision… I decided to start believing in myself. 🐝 I did not expect it, but I quickly realised how hard it actually is to believe in myself. 🐝

Increasing productivity with checklists

Here’s the thing about checklists, I can suggest to a busy friend or client to use them, and they usually have the same answer, “oh yes I always think I need to do that, but I don’t get around to it!” We know we need to use checklists, but we don’t prioritise the time to […]

Are you telling your story?

Woman smiling, sitting behind a computer

Stories contain a hero, a purpose, a journey and a conclusion. Content strategists will look at your content like theres a story to tell. When I first meet a client, my first question is always, “Why? What’s the purpose of your online presence? Why are you there and what do you want to get out […]