Are you telling your story?

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Digital strategists’ looks at your content like there’s a story to tell, and every story has a final conclusion.

Whatever the conclusion is depends on your purpose.

Usually, the conclusion is asking someone to spend their money on a service or product that you provide or sell.

You can work backwards from there.

Let’s say you’ve got a new book coming out and you want to direct your audience to buying that book.

First you need a purpose… a premise… a reason for your audience to come to you at all – that’s your conclusion (aka buy my book).

Second, you need to have points in your story that direct your audience to want to keep reading your story (aka brand awareness, establishing an authority voice).

Once you have a premise and story points, you’re starting to shape a strategy.

Now, you have clear purposes behind WHY you’re making your strategy. Once these are in place, every time you make content, it’s leading your audience in the direction of the overarching purpose.

Map out your goal. Map out your story points. And then post with purpose. And make sure every piece of digital content is made, and delivered, with this purpose in mind.

And if you’re not sure what to do – before you hit the ‘publish’ button – ask yourself “is this piece of content telling my story”.

If the answer is “no” it’s time to reconsider whether you need to post it at all.

Happy posting!

And, as always, if you need clarification drop a comment below. I’d love to know what your story is!

­čĄô Kate


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