Is your content going to lead to business growth?

What does it take to get your content to lead to growth in your business? Real revenue. Real numbers?

Is it stunning pictures?

Is it a hefty hashtag game?

Is it posting tonnes of times each day?

It’s none of those things.

Don’t waste your time planning and posting content with no strategy behind it. Be clear on your brand values. Put your time into planning your business goals. Pick a strategy that complements your values and your goals.

Execute the strategy. Measure the results. Make adjustments where your results aren’t meeting your expectations.

It can take time to see movement, especially when you’re solo on your content creation and trying to run your business at the same time. So give yourself grace before you start to see real results.

It can take a solo business owner months, and sometimes years, before they start to get their messaging right.

Social media makes everything seem instant.

We see all of these people within our industry looking like overnight success stories. That is simply not reality.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing instant about success in business.

Even with all of these fancy technologies available to us, the traditional marketing methods still apply.

Just because we have so much access to information and instant opportunities to buy things – doesn’t mean the nature of what convinces a person to buy has changed.

Humans still need to go through the buyer journey (cold – warm – hot) before they will buy.

Some buyer persona’s will make decisions pretty quickly. But they still will go through the buyer journey like everyone else – they just do it faster. If those types of buyers are your ideal client, capitalise on that with a lot of content that speaks so directly to them they can’t ignore you.

If you’re doing it yourself, you’re still relying on the buyer journey no matter what type of promises get made to you by the overwhelming number of internet gurus.

Set your values and goals. Put those to work within your content strategy.

Test it. Make small adjustments. Give it time to take hold. Never give up. Start today.

And always always always measure your efforts.


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