Tips on finding your niche

We hear ‘find your niche’ when we start out with marketing our business and for lots of people that can be really confusing.

The reason a niche is important is because each business needs to have a unique footprint and something that makes it stand out from others in the same industry. If you don’t have something unique about your business you tend to blend in with the rest of the crowd.
If you don’t have a specific niche you aren’t effectively targeting your marketing towards a specific audience.

If you’re struggling to find your niche here’s some tips on where to start…

👉Define why you started your business in no more than three sentences.
👉Define what it is in your business that you’re most passionate about – what motivates you the most to do what you have chosen to do
👉What are your most favourite types of people to work with. Are there certain traits or types of people you want to help most?

👉Now go over what you’ve written and see if you can find a pattern or perhaps a recurring theme in what you’ve written – chances are you’ve started to narrow your niche down

Here are my answers…

👉I started my business because I wanted to use my masters degree to help demystify social algorithms and help small businesses stand out in the crowd
👉 I am most passionate about helping superstars that have something amazing about them that just needs to be shared with the world. I love helping these people get themselves noticed online
👉 my recurring theme is social algorithms, understanding technology, niching down and messaging that matters. I love eliminating the overwhelm of what to post on social media.

Give it a try and let me know how you go!


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