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As a content marketer, I’m forever on the lookout for ways to improve my personal and business productivity. One thing I do, though, is check out a few tools before landing on one and I’ve found one that does the job I need – adding subtitles to videos – but this one goes further because using Kapwing has immediately improved the productivity of myself and my team.

So let’s explore why.

As an old school video editor from 20 years ago, I used to use Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premier to do my subtitles. And this is fine because these are both powerful tools. But when I started expanding my business I quickly realised I needed something that could do what I was after online.

I needed to be able to work with my VA who was on the other side of the country on adding subtitles. She can do the work and I can oversee the final stages. Online was the key because the turnaround time on my videos is very fast – I needed to see what was happening in real time.

I found Kapwing and was immediately surprised that it has this functionality. Mainly because the price is so reasonable.

The landscape of my work changed. I was able to pass work over to my VA quickly and easily… and easy is absolutely paramount for someone with as many balls in the air as me.

I explored more of the functions in Kapwing… ability to change the colour of the subtitles including the background, shape of the background, outlines of the letters… made a massive difference to the branding needs of each of my clients… another massive win for me.

Another cool feature of Kapwing is there are multiple options for your aspect ratio export. I experiment with this on all the different platforms I publish to so I can figure out what works best on upload. This was really useful for me when Instagram brought out Reels because I didn’t have to change anything or use a different platform I just needed to export the correct aspect ratio.

Another thing that’s really important to me is customer service. Kapwing is a startup and not only do they periodically reach out to their users for feedback (and no they don’t spam me thank goodness) they also will respond to queries really quickly. This is super important for me because my VA can reach out to them and report back to me on the solve for whatever query I’ve raised.

Kapwing allows teams – meaning my VA can be attached to my account, edit videos in my account and export my videos to place in our cloud drive. As an agency I really need any platform I use to involve a team model so this feature is really important to me.

Now to my absolute number one favourite thing about this app…

Kapwing has a feature that can auto-populate your subtitles for you but it goes a step further… the app has an English Australia setting. I’ve tested this out, as I tested out a few auto-subtitle platforms, and this platform is so great at ACTUALLY understanding the Australian accent. I found this feature to save me so much time in editing and adjusting subtitles that have no idea what my Australian clients are saying. This is huge to me.

I said at the beginning of this article that productivity is paramount to me. The Australian subtitle feature of Kapwing alone must have cumulatively saved me days of time over the year. And in this fast-paced world where delivery is expected to be fast, easy and accurate, this feature is of massive importance to me and my clients.

An SAAS app that can do what it says it will do but also manages to save you on other areas of your business is a huge win for me. The data is consistent and clear, you need to have subtitles on your online videos and this is the primary reason I started looking for an app like Kapwing.

My advice is to look for dual purpose when you’re ready to invest in an SAAS app. It’s so important to be on top of your productivity. It’s easy to ‘fall for’ an app that actually isn’t the right fit because it takes time out of other areas… an app that isn’t intuitive, isn’t all encompassing and needs lots of time and energy for project setup is going to hurt you in the long run. You want to look for an app that is going to do what Kapwing does, deliver on its promise but bring extra value to your business as a whole that you might never thought of.

An app that does the thinking for you tells me the team behind Kapwing have really thought about their customer deliver. That says it all to me.

Head to the Kapwing website to check out their features if you’re curious to know more.


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